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Is it possible there is any link between sticking needles in your body and effective migraine headaches treatments? One of the oldest medical techniques in the world acupuncture has been used in China for over 2000 years. And lest you think there is no scientific basis for it you should know that it is a FDA approved treatment model for several ailments but particularly for the management of pain and chronic pain. It is especially effective in migraine headaches treatments.

A traditional Chinese medical procedure acupuncture uses very fine hair like needles to release chi, or energy, from some of the more than 800 energy points located throughout your body. These energy points run on meridian lines that go from head to toe.

Your life energy or chi, pronounced as chee, runs through these meridian lines and energy points. The basis of the technique is that chi when blocked causes illness and or pain and blockages can be caused by poor diet, weather and many other outside factors.

Acupuncture treatment plans are developed by practitioners that take into account not just the blockages but also the causes of them. In a similar way to modern western medicine diet and lifestyle changes are often incorporated in this plan in order to address the patients needs in a holistic manner.

If you decide to try acupuncture to relieve your migraines you need to able to tell the acupuncturist exactly where the pain is. There are a large number of acupuncture points in the head, face and neck. Pressure needs to be applied where the pain is worst.

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